Arquitectos, Inc. is a non-profit, 501c (3) organization, whose mission is to provide development, mentorship, community assistance and further enrich the architectural profession through different cultural views and practices.


Arquitectos was established in 1985 by a small group of Latino professionals in Chicago. The organization's initial objective was to provide a valuable resource that offered Latino architects opportunities for career and professional development. Currently, the organization continues to provide professional support and has expanded to include two student chapters.

 Our Endeavors

Arquitectos engages in numerous successful endeavors that provide a variety of services and consultations to the profession and community including:

  • Annual Scholarship Awards
  • Intern Development Program assistance (IDP) several members have gone through this process and can help you!
  • Professional examination preparation (ARE) remains as one of our main goals, do you have questions?
  • Working with an Architect & Ask an Architect
  • Building permit procurement assistance
  • 'Rebuilding Together' housing sponsor



As of October 1, 2013, there are

  •  9,460 Architects licensed to practice under the Illinois Architecture Practice Act of 1989.
  • 1, 226 Professional Land Surveyors licensed to practice under the Illinois Land Surveyor Act of 1989
  • 3,672 Professional Design Firms licensed to offer services under the Architect, PE, SE and/or Land Surveyor Acts (or any combination of one or up to and including all 4)
  • 20,770 Professional Engineers licensed to practice under the Illinois Professional Engineering Practice Act of 1989
  • 2, 977 Structural Engineers licensed to practice under the Illinois Structural Engineering Practice Act of 1989

Previous Stats...

  • 3% of AIA licensed architects are Latino/a in the United States
  • 7% of the Associate AIA members identify as Hispanic

Improvements that still need growth...

  • Racial and ethnic minority AIA firms account for 17%, up from 9% three years prior
  • Of registered architects, racial and ethnic minorities were over 11% in 2002, up from 6% in 1999.
  • According to 2004 NAAB data, Latinos account for 13% of students in architecture schools, up from 7.4% in 1997-98

Our Partners

Arquitectos partners with several organizations and offers access to valuable resources throughout the Chicagoland area and the Architecture and Design community. Below are a few of our partners.